Carl Barnes Documentary Trailer 

Braiding the Sacred: Pueblo of Acoma - November 2108 
Held in October of 2018, the Pueblo of Acoma hosted a Braiding the Sacred Gathering. The gathering consisted of several talking circles (an important aspect of building relationships and sharing knowledge), a field trip to harvest corn, cooking and eating of traditional foods, and a social dance. 
Braiding the Sacred: Osage Nation - November 2017
This gathering, co-hosted by the Osage Nation, Intertribal Agriculture Council, and Braiding the Sacred Network brought Native traditional corn growers from the Southern Plains region of the U.S, together for 3 days of networking, talk circles, resource sharing, and community engagement focusing on the preservation and perpetuation of our sacred corn and traditional food ways.


Braiding the Sacred: Ganondagan Gathering - Spring 2017
Braiding the Sacred: a gathering of corn and people. This video is a summation of the gathering that took place at the Seneca Art & Culture Center at Ganondagan - down the road from Victor, NY. The gathering took place at the beginning of the second year of gatherings of Braiding the Sacred.


Braiding the Sacred: Oneida Nation Gathering - Fall 2016
Braiding the Sacred's second gathering. Hosted by the Oneida Nation - Oneida, WI. Produced by Braiding the Sacred and Reynaldo Morales. Manzanita Fund, Cultural Conservancy, South Central Farmers, Health and Education Fund, Wise Women Gathering Place. Produced at Oneida Nation, Northeast Wisconsin.

Braiding the Sacred (Trenzando lo Sagrado): Onondaga Nation 2016
Braiding the Sacred's inaugural gathering at the Skä•noñh - Great Law of Peace Center in Liverpool, NY. We can't thank the Onondaga Nation enough for their support in hosting the first Braiding the Sacred gathering.Their leadership in the Native food security and sovereignty movement is unparalleled. Nya;weh Firekeepers.